Girl Up has compiled a list of ways you can join urgent crisis relief efforts for Afghanistan from wherever you are in the world.


Due to the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan, half the population—more than 18 million people, including 10 million youth—are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. Hundreds of thousands of people—80% of whom are women and children—have been forced to flee their homes. Child mortality rates have risen to record heights and girls and women living in the country are presently experiencing the greatest uncertainty and fear for what their futures hold.

In major global crises like this, it’s more important than ever for all of us to come together. Girl Up has compiled a list of ways you can join urgent crisis relief efforts for Afghanistan from wherever you are in the world. From advocating for safe refugee resettlement abroad and supporting nonprofit initiatives on the ground to volunteering and sharing informative resources with your community, your help today is crucial, not only for the present but also the future of girls, women and their families. 


The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is already on the ground in Afghanistan providing critical support and aid to some 550,000 people who have been newly displaced inside their country this year with emergency shelter, food, medicine, and clean water. Make a life-saving donation to UNHCR here to help protect the lives of Afghan girls, women, and families who are currently living in conflict.


The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is scaling up its more than six decades-long humanitarian response in Afghanistan to continue delivering much-needed supplies and services to the country’s most vulnerable, especially women and children. Support our partners at UNICEF who are assisting millions in aid with immediate and unimpeded access to healthcare, safe water and Child-Friendly Spaces by donating HERE.


Click HERE for a comprehensive list of resources to educate yourself and others, support relief efforts, and spread awareness. From donating to resettlement and in-country efforts to sharing social media accounts amplifying Afghan voices, you can join the individuals and organizations worldwide who are tirelessly working to support Afghanistan in this catastrophic moment.   




The Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security (GIWPS) launched the Protect Afghan Women campaign last week, which supports the urgent needs of high-risk women from Afghanistan, including activists, politicians, journalists, civil society leaders and peacebuilders. You can donate here to aid in their evacuation and the safeguarding of their families.  


Violence is rising in Afghanistan and women are caught in the crossfire. You can make an emergency contribution here to help Women for Women International reach as many Afghan women as possible right now, or add your name to their open letter asking the Biden Administration to act now for these strong women who are under imminent threat.


To advocate for Afghan refugees seeking safety abroad, click here to learn how you can urge your government leaders in the US, Canada, UK, Australia & New Zealand to make saving Afghan lives a priority. For those living in the US, Women for Afghan Women also compiled a list of volunteer opportunities to help streamline the resettlement process, such as with airport pickup, apartment setup, interpreting and meals.

Girl Up Clubs around the world have been fighting for strides in gender equality within their countries for years, protecting hard-won girls’ rights, like access to education. The current conflict in Afghanistan threatens to compromise these unequivocal rights in the region. With your support, we will continue to support our youth activists on the ground, and globally, who bravely fight for girls and women to live the full and equal lives they have a right to live.

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