Girl Up देवी organized a donation drive on 30th October 2021, in collaboration with Karuna- the compassion foundation. The aim of this drive was to donate sanitary pads amongst women and teenage girls of Haiderpur, Delhi, with the mindset to break the stereotype regarding menstruation making it normal for people to know and talk about it without being embarrassed or ashamed.


The drive was initiated by 9 members of Girl Up who voluntarily came up to work for the noble cause, along with convener of the society - Ms. Mansi Anand, holding their first on-field program. The total amount of sanitary pads was 500, which were later on packed and categorized into a bunch of 5, giving out 100 bags for the cause of donation. All of these bunches were packed using recyclable newspapers and jute threads. Moreover, in the recent Covid period, the members made sure that the packages were thoroughly sanitized and each one was following the covid protocols by wearing masks and using hand sanitizers, throughout the journey.

The Drive began at 12:00 pm wherein the members traveled from Karol Bagh to Hairderpur for donation, via Metro, with the aim of spreading awareness amongst the women and young girls to use pads instead of cotton cloths, which are more prone to infection and regarded as unhealthy and unhygienic. The use of these eco-friendly sanitary pads would not only benefit the women in bringing them comfort and easy use but also contribute to society by causing no harm to the environment.

  The drive was a huge success which completed the cause of providing 500 pads to over 100’s women and young girls.


Lastly, a vote of thanks was proposed to the Karuna foundation by the president and the convener of the society Ms. Mansi Anand, for taking out time and bringing out women and girls from their houses in order to make this drive a huge success.

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