16 ways that you and your club can take action for the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence

Here are 16 ways you and your club can get involved in the global discussion of eliminating GBV: 

  1. Engage. Join UN Women and Girl Up in posting about ending GBV on socials. Find the graphics here
  2. Fundraise. Continue fundraising to reduce GBV with your club. If you haven't started yet, you can create your fundraising page here
  3. DiscussUse the Girl Up against Violence Toolkit and Infographic to discuss GBV with your club
  4. Learn. As a club, research and discuss the history of Rape Culture in your community and country. 
  5. Read. Read books by survivors and experts as a club. Check out some recommendations here
  6. Advocate. Check out the global database on violence against women to see what your country is doing to protect women and girls. Engage with your representatives to ensure the implementation of laws that promote gender equality.
  7. Train. As a club read up on how you can be active bystanders, and then take a bystander intervention training hosted by your university, municipality, or local NGO.
  8. Volunteer. Volunteer in your community! Here are some ideas: Volunteer at a women's shelter or volunteer with a local survivor organization. Organize a donation drive to create and donate survivor kits to donate (see an example here). 
  9. Educate. Flyer your school or community with facts about GBV and Sexual Assault. 
  10. Support. Host a Take Back The Night event in your school or community. 
  11. Post. Have club members post facts about GBV to their stories or on socials
  12. Inspire. Share stories that inspire you and your club members on social media. See some stories here
  13. Listen. Listen to survivor's experiences, read stories of survivors and activists around the globe, and follow #OrangeTheWorld and #GenerationEquality on social media.
  14. Mobilize. Create a digital campaign that addresses victim blaming in your community. 
  15. Teach. It’s in our hands to inspire the future feminists of the world. Challenge the gender stereotypes and violent ideals that you and your peers encounter in the media, streets, and school. Looking for inspirational content? Here are 12 feminist books that everyone should read.
  16. Reflect. Take a critical look at what masculinity means to you and how you embody it. Self-reflection, community conversations, and artistic expression are just some of the tools available for men and boys (as well as women and girls) to examine and redefine masculinities with feminist principles.

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